Castaway PVA Double System (25 mm + 35mm / 14 m)

Castaway PVA

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The Castaway Double PVA Mesh System is the perfect package for anglers seeking to save money and space in their tackle bag.

This innovative system combines the quality PVA mesh from our range with two mesh sizes in one tube.

Accompanied by a double-ended waterproof container and a plunger, this product ensures cost-saving convenience and efficient use of valuable space.

The Castaway Double PVA Mesh System is perfect for creating boilie stringers, sticks, and bait parcels, enhancing your bait presentation and increasing your chances of a successful catch. Engineered with anti-ladder properties, our double PVA mesh system ensures that the mesh stays intact and securely holds your bait, providing peace of mind during your fishing sessions.

Featuring a fast melt time of just 30 to 60 seconds, this system allows for efficient and effective bait release, attracting fish with precision. Designed to perform in various depths and colder water, the Castaway Double PVA Mesh System is a reliable choice for anglers seeking excellent performance in diverse fishing environments.

Just like the rest of our range, this system leaves no residue behind, providing a clean and environmentally friendly fishing experience. By choosing this product, you can enjoy your angling adventures while minimizing your impact on the ecosystem.

  • Two Mesh Sizes in One Container
  • Fast Melt Time
  • Anti-Ladder Properties
  • Ideal for Deep or Cold Water
  • No Residue, Eco-Friendly Design

Refill mesh can be purchased by CLICKING HERE