Carp Angler Swivel Long Distance River Lead

Carp Angler

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Designed by Carp Angler in USA, these are in our opinion the aboslute best no-roll distance leads you will find on the market, best suitable for rivers. 

What's so different about our Swivel Long Distance Leads?

We gathered all existing long distance leads currently on the market for rigorous testing and found 2 major flaws that we decided to improve upon.

1 - We have noticed that other leads of this kind would start peeling after coming in contact with rocks, gravel and other elements causing the peeling paint to often stick out of the lead and on few ocasions "catching" our line or hookling in it causing damage.

2 - The swivel used in some other leads was not smooth/rotary enough. This, upon retrieval could potentially cause some additional line twists, depending on the rig setup.

We solved this problem by utilizing the best swivel we could possibly source, resulting in retrievals with virtually no line twists attributed to the lead.

Other features:

This specific lead was designed purely for long distance casting with minimal effort. The aerodynamics of the lead, combined with the revamped weight distribution assure the farthest possible cast each time. In addition to that, we designed it with flat edges to give it maximum hold and minimize rolling on sloping bottoms and in river current.

All in all we believe this is the highest quality method lead on the market and paired with our flat $5 shipping per order, probably the cheapest one as well!